City Hall

The History Lesson Carolyn Davis Needed Before Telling the Mayor He Owes Her

As I said after Mayor Tom Leppert's huge convention center hotel victory, the man simply knows how to win. So that, combined with a sneak peek at Angela Hunt's thoughts, didn't make me fret about missing the big vote on the concessions at Dallas Love Field Airport.

However, had I spent all day at City Hall while the city council finally put this issue to bed, it would have been entirely worth it to see Carolyn Davis at her finest -- or worst, depending on your perspective.

DMN'er Steve Thompson posted footage of Davis lashing out at Mayor Tom Leppert after pointing out that the council hadn't made any progress on the issue since deferring it on June 23 -- at which point it was the "blacks versus the Anglos." (She added "the Hispanics" almost as an afterthought.)

There's tons of fun in the three-minute clip, including her proclamation that she told someone that Hunt wouldn't support the minorities and that she's "fine with it" because Love Field is not in Davis' district. (It's actually in Hunt's.) And when addressing the mayor, she reminded him that she was the swing vote on the convention center hotel and ethics reform votes.

"You gonna need me again," she told Leppert. "You gonna need me."

She claimed that she broke 7-7 deadlocks in each case. Of course, I feel compelled to break the bad news to Ms. Davis: Leppert didn't need her on either issue.

Let's revisit those landmark decisions.

February 27, 2008: The council by a 13-2 vote (Hunt and Mitchell Rasansky dissented) approved the land purchase for the hotel.

February 18, 2009: The council by separate 10-2 votes (Hunt and Vonciel Hill dissented) approved the developer and operator for the hotel.

June 19, 2009: The council by an 11-0 vote approved the bond issuance for the hotel.

November 9, 2009: The council by separate votes of 13-2 (Hill and Pauline Medrano dissented), 14-1 (Hill dissented), 12-3 (Hill, Tennell Atkins and Steve Salazar dissented) and 15-0 approved four items aimed at ethics reform.

So, the next time you threaten the mayor with all you've done for him, Ms. Davis, might I suggest doing a little homework first? Just an idea. Think about it.