Ted Haggard's Shopping List

Mike Jones blew Ted Haggard's cover.

Patty Calhoun, editor of Denver's Westword--one of the Dallas Observer's sister papers--suggests in her column this week that Ted Haggard was deeper into the gay lifestyle than his statements might have led you to believe.

Mike Jones--the male prostitute who blew Haggard's cover last week, claiming the evangelical megachurch pastor met him regularly for drug-fueled sex--had contacted Calhoun about the Haggard allegations more than a month ago, then changed his mind about going public with them. He later told his story to a Denver radio station. The resulting scandal caused Haggard, who admitted he was guilty of "sexual immorality," to resign as president of the National Association of Evangelicals. Well, Calhoun follows Haggard's trail to a sex-toy shop in Denver, and we'll just let her tell the rest of the story in "On Call." --Julie Lyons