Angela Hunt Tells The News Where to Stick Its New Year's Eve Advice

On her blog this morning, city council member Angela Hunt responds to The Dallas Morning News's New Year's Eve editorial "Texans to Watch in 2009," in which it was suggested that Hunt start playing well with others if she wants "a more prized seat at the horseshoe." She appreciates the advice; really, how awful sweet, she didn't know you cared.

On the "prized seat" thing, I mulled it over and decided that's not really my goal. I like where I sit. But perhaps the DMN didn't mean that literally. Maybe they meant it in a more figurative, high-school-popularity-contest way. Like maybe I could become more popular with the in-crowd if I just started nodding my head when bad ideas were proposed. It sounds like getting a more prized seat means toeing the line against my better judgment and resisting the urge to investigate, research, and understand complex, important issues like the city-owned convention center hotel and the Trinity River Project. And restraining myself from publicly objecting to the direction of these projects so as not to rock the boat. My conclusion is that there's enough of that already. I like my seat just fine.
That's but a brief excerpt from the lengthy riposte; she's just getting warmed up. A morning must-read. --Robert Wilonsky