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Dallas Independent School District's Facebook page
That photo above? Comes from DISD's Facebook page, from Saturday's launch of "Operation Comeback," during which Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert and Dallas Independent School District Superintendent Michael Hinojosa went out looking dropouts. The twosome will reteam this morning at Townview for the launch of "a first-of-its-kind nutrition education program for high school freshman" intended to "address the dramatic rise of diabetes and other health-related issues due to overweight and obesity problems in young people today." Intern Conner's headed that way now. Because that shouldn't be interesting at all. Did I mention caption contest? Winner gets a weekend trip to Vegas for a job interview. Announcement at 5 p.m. C.S.T. ...

You know who could use an Operation Comeback? Blockbuster. That makes Esquire's S.T. VanAirsdale sad. Hence, this tear-stained farewell to the downtown-based video-rentalist. VanAirsdale really had a thing for Blockbuster. Like, really had a thing.
And despite the corny jingles ("Wow! What a difference! Blockbuster Video! Wow!"), a job there was actually glamorous by youthful suburban standards. A geek with curly hair, a bad beard, and a seemingly imploded torso became irresistible to women as soon as he donned that blue company-issue polo, having struck the mother lode of wage slavery.
Now, down to police business. I see on the Administrative Law Judge's docket that fired Dallas Police Department employee Mark Reynolds is at Dallas City Hall this morning trying to get his job back. For what did former Chief David Kunkle fire Reynolds, once a civilian crossing guard supervisor, in August of 2009? "Internal investigators found that he repeatedly asked an elderly couple who worked for him as crossing guards for money."