D Magazine Angers WBAP Radio Host and Rockwall's Thriving Asshole Community

Ben Ferguson is a conservative commentator who hosts a show on WBAP-AM 820 from 9 to 11 a.m. on weekdays. Until today, Unfair Park had no idea who he was, but we have to say, after his segment attacking D Magazine's "Best Dallas Suburbs" list, we're intrigued.

Ferguson took issue with Tim Rogers' characterization of Rockwall, the 16th-ranked city on the list. It was an innocuous item, although Rogers pointed out the "Walking Dead set" feel of a withering business development called The Harbor. Rogers also included a quote from one of the town's barbers, who said that many of Rockwall's new residents were "assholes," as was John Ratcliffe, the Tea Partier who knocked off Rockwall's 18-term congressman, Ralph Hall, in May's Republican primary.

"Is it not blatantly obvious this is a hit piece on a community?" Ferguson asked a caller. He also urged all of his listeners to cancel their subscriptions and stop advertising in the magazine.

Well, no, it's not -- obvious or a "hit piece." As Rogers noted on the mag's news blog, all he did was quote a barber.

Ferguson also questioned the integrity of D's "Best of D" features, claiming "how you get on the Best of D is you buy ads."

We here at the Observer would like to point out to Ferguson that we own the franchise on that particular anti-D slam, so stop stealing our shtick. Otherwise, congrats to Ferguson for some of the most pointless wingnut trolling ever. He should reward himself, maybe take the afternoon off, go to the lake, get a haircut. We hear there's a barber out in Rockwall who's perfect for a guy like him.