Aw, Rats!

Ya know, Stephanie Ussery's right: Rats (like her lil' Moe here) are adorable. No, wait. That can't be right.

Surely on February 23 you saw the video of those rats scurrying around the KFC-Taco Bell double platter in New York City. Well, a few days later, New York magazine's Daily Intelligencer ran an interview with NYC rat "enthusiast" Raquel Cintron, who said the rodents were simply misunderstood and that they do, in fact, make for wonderful pets. To which Dallasite Stephanie Ussery responds today with a hearty "Hallelujah!" Then, she adds: "I live in Dallas, and rats aren't popular here either! But I have owned pet rats for five years, and I absolutely love them! They are adorable, smart, and so affectionate!"

We didn't know much about Stephanie till we stumbled across her missive to New York, but now we've discovered that she's "addicted to rats!" Indeed, it also says at Sharper Rattery -- yeah, we'll get to that -- she and her husband, who both live here, "are owned by 8 pet rats (5 girls and 3 neutered boys) and 3 dogs." And just what is Sharper Rattery? Well, seems it's a breeding firm Ussery's launching this year in hopes of selling the litter by 2008. "The 2007 year will be spent studying rat genetics and preparing for the breeding," she writes, totally stealing our New Year's resolution. --Robert Wilonsky