The Cowboys Collapse Against Green Bay: The Top 15 Tweets

Dallas Cowboys fans should know better by now. Whatever cheerful confidence is inspired by an impressive quarter or two of play is destined to be crushed, swiftly and without mercy. So, the team's late-game collapse Sunday afternoon to an Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay Packers squad was less shocking than it should have been.

The first half went amazingly well, with the Cowboys jumping to a 26-3 halftime lead. The offense was balanced and efficient, the defense stout. Twitter was impressed:

But also wary:

As the second half ticked away and the tide turned in the Packers favor despite overwhelming odds,

the Twitterverse was left with a dilemma: Should it blame the Cowboys' porous defense, which gave up five straight second-half touchdowns to Packers backup QB Matt Flynn, for the loss? Or was it the fault of Tony Romo, who threw two picks in the clutch?

Here's the argument for the D, which was back to its normal, Care Bears self:

Or was it like a frail old person?

This one gets points for the "Breaking Bad" reference, loses them for making fun of disabled people: