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Do You Wanna Go Shout "Hi!" to Woodrow Grad Steve Miller For Free?

Just two guitarslingers from Dallas way: Jimmie Vaughan and Steve Miller

On Monday on Fong Songs there appeared the damnedest thing I've ever heard: a Steve Miller Band demo titled "Take the Joker and Run," which must be the earliest mash-up in recorded history, as it's more or less the lyrics to "Take the Money and Run" sung to the melody of "The Joker." Turns out, it comes from a 2006 deluxe edition of The Marksman's Fly Like an Eagle, who knew -- well, except for the die-hards, of course. Me, I'll take Polvo's raucous live recording of "Fly Like an Eagle" from 1994. But to each their own.

Speaking of, last time I heard Miller was about a year ago -- over the fence at St. Mark's, where he was performing at the school's centennial celebration. We pulled over and listened for a few; split when he launched into "Abracadabra." The Woodrow Wilson Wildcat's in town tonight at Starplex, and I've got three pair of tix for the taking -- how very Tom Hicks of me, hunh. Just be among the first three to e-mail me the name of the two guitar legends who taught Dr. George Miller's boy how to play a random letter or numeral of your choosing. And go.? --Robert Wilonsky

Update: And we have our winners. Thanks for playing. Though, next week, we will have a contest for which there will be two very substantive prizes offered.