Our Favorite Rick Perry Mugshots

Now, we're not sure if you live on the moon, under a rock, or under a rock on the moon, but you probably noticed Rick Perry handed himself in yesterday to face his indictment on felony charges for abuse of power. If you've ever heard of a thing called "Twitter," you may also have noticed that Rick had a mugshot, or more accurately a smugshot, in which he tried to look as if the charges mean nothing to him. It was, of course, a perfectly Rick Perry thing to do. He then went out for ice cream, which is amazing.

Do you think the internet is going to let a mugshot picture of Rick Perry go unmolested? Then you, my friend, do not know the internet. Here are some of our favorites.

One of Rick's complaints was that he wasn't allowed to wear his glasses for his mugshot. Twitter saw to that.

In fact, Twitter really dealt with that, helping Rick try on new glasses.

What's more Texan than Rick Perry with a corn dog? All he needs to complete the Texan-ness is an assault rifle.

The fame he's always craved.

We think blue hair suits you, Rick.

The princess he's been looking for is in another castle.

There's a long explanation for this one.

The happiest Rick's ever been?

Still the champ.