Have You No Pride?

Sounds like a Dallas travel agency sure did screw a bunch of missionaries from Arkansas. Says here that Pride Travel "took more than $30,000 for airline tickets never purchased" from a group of kids who worked like hell to send some Cambodians to heaven. The kids, from Temple Baptist Church in Springville, Arkansas, bought 17 tickets from the agency, which, according to the report, filed for bankruptcy Oct. 7 at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Northern District of Texas. Turns out the agency's claims to be members of the Dallas Better Business Bureau were false, which the group discovered last week, when the agency's phone number went dead and church officials came to Dallas only to be greeted by an abandoned office that used to be Pride's HQ. Dunno if they intended the name Pride to be ironic, but this much is sure: Screwing a bunch of missionaries out of thousands is a sure sign you ain't gettin' on God's good side. --Robert Wilonsky