It's Never Good When You're Arrested With a Webcam and Condoms

PBC minister Joe Barron

That was awful quick: Prestonwood Baptist Church has all but eradicated the name Joe Barron from its Web site -- and with good reason, as today the Bryan-College Station Eagle has the news that the 52-year-old Barron, listed as a Minister of Married Adult III on this cached "leadership & staff" page, was "arrested in Bryan early Thursday after he drove more than three hours to have sex with a person he thought was a 13-year-old girl, police said."

KTVT-Channel 11 has a statement issued this a.m. by the 20,000-member-strong megachurch's executive pastor, Mike Buster: "We are disturbed and saddened by the reports we have heard and we are praying for the Barron family. We are fully cooperating with the police in their investigation." Now where did I put Bible Girl's phone number ... ? --Robert Wilonsky