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They're Tearing Down European Crossroads ... and Putting In a Grocery Store

As I was heading in to the office Tuesday morning, demolition man Scott Dorn shot me a note: JR's Demolition was revving up the 'dozers and about to tear down European Crossroads. Of course, we knew this day was coming -- have for years, really. I got there as they were tearing down one building and prepping three others scheduled to come down between now and the next six weeks.

Patrick Raley, who's overseeing the asbestos remediation, was kind enough to give me a tour of the ghost town yesterday -- from top to bottom, inside and out, even through what remains of the old No. 3 Lift. I took a few photos; they're on the other side. Raley said it was too bad someone didn't use the Crossroads as a film set during its final days -- might have been cheaper to blow it up. Cooler, at least.

Word is an Aldi will replace the European Crossroads near Webb Chapel Extension and Northwest Highway. Won't be far from the new Sam's Club. Oh, well. Dallas isn't for the nostalgic.