Tracy Rowlett's New Boss at ShaleTV Makes Confusing Case for Advertorials

In case you missed yesterday's All Things Considered, the National Public Radio show ran a lengthy segment about the Barnett Shale and, more specifically, Chesapeake Energy's efforts to sell urban gas drilling to the folks getting drilled. And, yes, among the subjects discussed is ShaleTV, which hired Tracy Rowlett away from KTVT-Channel 11 last month, resulting in Rowlett's getting drilled on this blog and myriad others, much to Rowlett's chagrin. But, says Chesapeake's vice president for corporate development: Hey, business is business. As in, "Well, I think we pay those journalists -- whether on Channel 8 or Channel 11 or the Star-Telegram -- in terms of advertising support. We see this as pretty much instead of running the ads on the program, we're just writing the check direct." I don't think that helps her cause much, but I could be wrong. --Robert Wilonsky