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Mad for El Madmo: Or, The Best Norah Jones Album Ever?

The blond superhero at right looks awful familiar.

How'd this slip past? Because damned near two years to the day since we first mentioned it, Norah Jones' smart-assed, foul-mouthed, guitar-based, piano-adiosed side project El Madmo's gone legit with a nifty full-lengther barely released earlier this week and available for sneaking here. A single's also yours for the downloading: "Fantasy Guy," a horny must-own for any three-day weekend. Though, truth be told, the entire record, which I purchased this morning from iTunes, transcends the novelty nod given "Carlo" and "Vampire Guy" in the spring of '06. Or its "bio": "Born of social ineptitude and an ageless belief in trick-or-treatery, EL MADMO offers escape, justice, karmic postulation, and that feeling you get when you know something that no one else does."

Best Norah Jones record yet? Probably; too early to tell. Best one you can't buy at a Starbucks, at least. --Robert Wilonsky