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What a $40,000 Jewelry Heist Looks Like

The Dallas Police Department sends word: At around 4 this morning, officers got the call that the alarm was going off at Modes Inc., a longtime wholesale jeweler at 2629 Stemmons Freeway. Around the same time, says the DPD, someone walking to and from a nearby 7-Eleven called 911 to report the business's back door was pried open -- a bad sign, since said witness told the emergency operator he or she had, like, just seen five men sitting inside a Chevy Impala right before the burglary. Officers arrived on the scene, search the premises, found no one and collected the surveillance video, which DPD's just posted to the YouTube.

Per the department, they suspect five men were in fact responsible for the burglary. Problem is, all were wearing gloves and masks. According to the police report, the men got away with $30,000 in rings and $10,000 in earrings.