Latest Projected Cuts to Public Ed Make It Look More and More Likely DISD to Lose $110 Mil

Several Friends of Unfair Park, and many fellow Dallas Independent School Distinct parents, have sent along this morning a link to the Texas Tribune's newly posted searchable database showing how state Rep. Scott Hochberg's H.B 2485 -- which eliminates target revenue, holds all districts to the same revenue formula and just passed the House Committee on Public Education -- will affect each district in the state. The House's version of the budget cuts $7.8 billion from public education, and per the database, the Houston Democrat's proposal would eliminate $123,298,581.19 from the DISD's 2011-12 budget -- a 10.69 percent cut.

When I called DISD spokesman Jon Dahlander this morning to ask about that new number, he was in the midst of perusing the database as well. He wanted to see how the TT's numbers stacked up against the latest figures sent to the district by Moak Casey & Associates, the consultants-slash-lobbyists who represent and advise a coalition of the state's largest school districts. According to their new numbers, sent to DISD only last night, under Hochberg the district will actually lose $126,141,066 next school year -- a 10.8 percent drop. Under the state Senate's proposed budget, Moak Casey projects a loss of $88,339,272 next school year.

"We're getting closer to having a better understanding of where we are," Dahlander says, despite the disparity in projections. "It's still looking like it'll be $100 to $110 million. It just depends what gets passed out of and approved by both chambers. There's a huge gulf between the Senate and House's versions of the budget, but it's more apparent now than ever Dallas is facing at least a $100 million cut. It's not good."