Oh, So This Isn't For Enuff Z'Nuff? | Dallas Observer


Oh, So This Isn't For Enuff Z'Nuff?

As we mentioned earlier, the Enough is Enough folks -- pro-convention center hotel, anti-"negativity and distortions associated with the May 9th election" -- had their coming-out party this morning at the Stoneleigh Hotel, where they debuted their Web site and TV spot. We'll have more from the party later today -- because nothing screams "slide show" like guys in ties. Seems like they missed a real opportunity for the ad's music, though -- I mean, really.

Here's Ebby Halliday from the lengthy press release, in which all involved talk about how they hate all the mud-slinging and name-calling, yech: "Over the last nine decades I've seen Dallas grow from a small town to a world-class city. We don't need outsiders throwing mud around town, telling us what we need and how to do our business." Outsiders? She has met Harlan Crow, right?