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Scenes from the Dallas Auto Show

Just in time for the recession, the Dallas Auto Show revs its engines till Sunday, filling the Dallas Convention Center with a bunch of cars that nobody will ever buy. But that won't stop us from staring, glassy-eyed, like children with the JC Penney Christmas catalog.

I visited yesterday Thursday afternoon, and the crowds were thin -- but I did notice the flannel-shirted middle-class and a few retirees scrutinizing the pint-sized Japanese and European imports while passing on the latest round of gas-hogs from GM. (Look, another Camaro!)

There was also an emphasis on eco-friendliness. My inner cynic tells me it's probably greenwashing, so it surprised me to see Chrysler showing off a gas-electric hybrid. Dodge presenters, meanwhile, kept talking about power and performance. Honestly, I'd be happy if they ever made a truck with a transmission that didn't fall apart under the strain of hauling potting soil. OK, rant over. On to the eye candy.