When It Comes to Dez Bryant, It Sure Sounds Like Someone's Taking Advantage of a Kid

Who loans two hundred grand to a college kid from a poor family? There's just a whole lot about the Dez Bryant stories that does not smell right.

Dallas Cowboys receiver Bryant is being sued for the better part of a million bucks he borrowed to buy jewelry and sports tickets. The people suing him say they have signed contracts. I respect contracts. But at least $200,000 of that money appears to be for loans made to Bryant while he was still at Oklahoma State University.

That's a contract with a kid. How much on the dollar is that supposed to be worth?

We all see it for what it is, right? Some slick guy gets in there, spots a promising kid who's going to make a ton of money in professional sports, gets up next to him and and then gets the kid on the hook for a bunch of stupid bling.

Oh, I'm not excusing Bryant entirely. But, look, everything about this guy tells you that underneath the big football star veneer, he's a kid.

What about the stuff at NorthPark Center, where some kind of "off-duty police officers" rousted him and got him kicked out of the mall because his pants were sagging? Bryant flew off the handle. What does that tell you? It tells me he's still young, impulsive and combative. Sounds like the makings of a good athlete, when he gets it under control.

When they rousted him, Bryant used the "F-word," according to the police. Will you please tell me where I can go on this planet and not hear the F-word all day long? I'm not saying I love hearing the F-word, but ... wait .. I do love it. Makes me feel at home. Let's talk about something else.

I wonder why off-duty cops are going around NorthPark enforcing fashion choices. Are people going to suffer irreparable harm if they see some kid's boxers? But that's another issue.

I just don't see how there can be any honorable reason for inveigling a college student into hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for crap. It's not like they lent it to him for his mom's heart operation.

Those guys should feel lucky if they get a dime on the dollar. And when it's over, I hope Bryant will have learned his lesson about letting people get next to him.