Redskins Fan Thrown Down Stairs After Reportedly Cursing the Cowboys (Video)

The Washington Redskins got their comeuppance Sunday afternoon thanks to a near-miraculous fourth-quarter drive by the Cowboys. This Redskins fan, clad in a classy "Dallas Sucks" sweatshirt, got his just desserts some time before that at the hands of a Washington security guard.

Deadspin provides some context. The man and his friend, both clearly drunk, were "cussing and yelling" at the Cowboys throughout the game, which the family of Dallas fans -- a 10-year-old-girl among them -- did not appreciate. They were told to calm down several times, removed from their seats by security, returned to their seats a half hour later, before being summoned again by the security guards in the Vine.

Deadspin's verdict: "The Skins fan and his friend definitely needed to be removed from the stadium, but our source believes it was handled poorly by security."