ABC's World News Shows Up at Local Family's House, Then Drives Away With All Their Stuff

Spoiler alert: Last night, Disney Street-ers Jon and Anna Usry and their two kids opened the doors of their house to World News with Diane Sawyer's David Muir, who promptly backed up the moving truck and emptied their house of everything not made in America.

That, after all, is the title of Sawyer's weeklong series, which "will take a closer look at American manufacturing and the impact it has on the economy." The look-see kicked off last night with a peek into the Usrys' Northwest Dallas home as it was invaded, photographed from floor to ceiling and loaded into a Mayflower. Tonight, ABC promises to fill their house with only M'rkin-made stuff -- which, I guess, means they'll have to do without a television. Oh, the irony.

Last night's kick-off report is after the jump.