Boom Goes the Dynamite: Reunion Arena to Get Adiosed By No Later Than August

Prepare your fond farewells for Reunion Arena, which, come Wednesday, could be this much closer to demolition. The city council will vote this week on paying A&R Demolition of Austin a little more than $2 million to demolish the former home of Your Dallas Mavericks, as well as "remove remote signage, fill site and sod finish grade." Guess the plan to let a movie studio blow it up didn't pan out. Ah, well, there's still Texas Stadium.

Andrea Reveile, the "A" in A&R, tells Unfair Park today that should she and her husband Raymond get the contract, Reunion will be imploded sometime during the summer. (Update: Dave Levinthal writes that "the arena will not be imploded, but rather, dismantled piece by piece," according to Dallas officials.) According to the council's addendum for Wednesday, demolition's slated to commence in March and end in August. Reveile says she'll offer a more specific time line after the vote on Wednesday. "I can not give out any details on the project until after we get through council and get the notice to proceed and schedule in place," she says via e-mail. "I will get back to you with all the details as soon as it is confirmed." Developing. Or, ya know, the opposite.