Mr. Funny Guy Has All the Answers

I see Mr. "Funny" Guy has posted City Manager Mary Suhm's memo concerning Allen Gwinn's city employee credit-card database from a few days back. Tremendous. She has answers for every questionable expense about which Allen and Unfair Park had questions. That's why she gets the big bucks. I hope the city gets a discount at Petsmart (not Petco, Tim). And I wanna go to conferences at the Hard Rock Casino and meet-and-greets at Walt Disney resorts. But, swell, seems like she has good reasons for the charges posted to city-issued credit cards.

Dunno precisely why Tim Rogers thinks I would view Suhm's explanations as some kind of defeat, as though we're keeping score. Last I looked, the point of this profession was to ask questions. Allen did, and I did. On Monday I didn't get any answers -- even from the mayor, who thought at least one of the expenses about which I had a question seemed "odd" at the time. Today, Suhm provides them. Great. We check the books; she balances them. Or something like that. That's the way it's supposed to work. But really: "Allen Gwinn and Bob Wilonski 0"? Aces, pal. Last I looked on Monday I wrote, "The fact is, there are probably very good reasons for city officials to be in Vegas." And: "Which isn't to say [Kenny] Shaw doesn't have a good excuse for dropping $2,000 at a Reno resort last spring. We're just waiting for it." Now we got it.

And by the way, Tim, it's "Robert Wilonsky." My mom would appreciate you spelling it the right way. You remember my mom, don't you, Tim? She certainly remembers you. --Bob Wilonski