Judge Provides a Generous Sneak Peek at Feds' Case Against Don Hill, Others

A picture of Don Hill we never, ever get tired of running

When last we heard from former Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Don Hill, he was insisting that the U.S. government's case against him -- you recall, has to do with low-income housing -- was racially motivated, politically charged and therefore entirely "inappropriate." Also, his attorney noted, the grand jury was racist. So the feds probably don't mind that this morning, U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn unsealed some docs the prosecutors had sealed in the cases against Hill, BMW-giver and newish wife Sheila Farrington, developer Brian Potashnik and his missus and plenty others.

KTVT-Channel 11's got the 12-page document on its Web site, and among the nine pieces of evidence the feds intend to reveal in Hill's case, at least, are "financial difficulties" that provided him with motive. Also: "Hill told a known individual that he would withhold his vote in relation to a matter pending before the council regarding a contract in the Dallas Arts District unless supporters of the vote paid some money." Seems a little bigger than low-income housing, once you take a look at all nine items. --Robert Wilonsky