A Little Friday-Afternoon Housekeeping

FrontBurner carried a little news earlier today that may interest some of you: Eric Nicholson will be joining the Dallas Observer as the lead reporter on Unfair Park.

Eric was born and raised in Dallas and graduated from UTD, although his collegiate career did some admirable winding, through Montana and Louisiana with a 2,600-mile detour across the Pacific Crest Trail. He cut his teeth at People Newspapers before taking a job covering rural Arkansas. Apparently he doesn't mind nature, which is good because he'll be working out of Schutze's office, which is inside the Trinity floodplains.

Eric, who is married with a son, is a smart dude who knows Dallas, has great news instincts and can unspool a yarn to boot. We're thrilled to have him, and, as a Friend of Unfair Park, he's thrilled to have you as readers. Most of you, anyway.

He starts week after next. First assignment: A where-are-they-now on that chicken.