U.S. District Judge Denies Two of Sheila Hill's Dismissal Motions. But She'll Now Interview the Juror Who Spoke to the Dallas Observer.

Last week, as you no doubt recall, Sheila Hill's attorney, Victor Vital, requested a new trial or evidentiary hearing based upon possible jury misconduct preceding all those guilty verdicts in the Dallas City Hall federal corruption trial. Now we know how U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn will proceed -- by dismissing two of the three claims (those involving a newspaper found in the jury room and D'Angelo Lee's claim that a friend of his said a juror gave opinions about the case during the trial), and by interviewing in private Nedra Frazier, the juror Sam interviewed only hours after she and the other jurors found Don Hill and his four co-defendants guilty of 23 of the 29 charges against them. Lynn will then provide a transcript to counsel. A copy of yesterday's order follows.

Jury Misconduct Order