Redneck Heaven's Painted Breasts Run Afoul of the Good People of Lewisville (NSFW)

The city of Lewisville has an uneasy relationship with Redneck Heaven, the local chain of Southern-themed breastaurants. On the one hand, it's a thriving business that boosts the local economy. "They have their niche in the market. They certainly know their target clientele, and they appeal to those people," explains James Kunke, the city's community relations and tourism director. On the other hand, the waitresses' generally skimpy attire, particularly during themed events like last week's (A)nything (B)ut (C)lothes, occasionally strikes residents as a bit too risque.

Technically, the no-clothes event complies with city rules, which require "a certain amount of coverage," Kunke says. "It says in the ordinance it has to be opaque coverage -- it can't be gauze or cellophane." Otherwise, an establishment has to be permitted as a sexually oriented business, of which there are currently none.

Lewisville police, after a thorough investigation last week, concluded that the body paint and other accessories covering servers' breasts and crotches at the (A)nything (B)ut (C)lothes event were, in fact, opaque. So, no violation of city rules. Tonight, the Lewisville City Council will consider whether to change that by excluding body paint, tattoos and body dye as acceptable forms of attire.