The Super Speaks: Michael Hinojosa Talks About "Emerging and Evolving" Budget Process

Superintendent Media Availability from Dallas Independent School Dist on Vimeo.

When I asked Jim for his take on yesterday's board briefing at 3700 Ross Avenue, this was his initial pass: "My interpretation of the day's events is that we are all dangling on the end of Rick Perry's yo-yo string and nobody has any idea what is going to happen and I wish I had not attended this meeting." More upcoming shortly, though -- of course. Till then, the district has posted Dallas ISD Super Michael Hinojosa's one-man show, along with yesterday's "legislative update" given the board, in which he walks through the minefield of legislation that may or may not decimate the district and most others.

Superintendent's Legislative Update (March 10, 2011) from Dallas Independent School Dist on Vimeo.