Just Remember, Tom Leppert Isn't a Politician

Janet Mefferd hosts a radio show on The Word, which sits at 100.7 on your FM dial. Per her program's description, she "takes a Christ-centered look at the news and events of the day," and on this day that includes former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, who, of course, is vying for Kay Bailey Hutchison's seat in the U.S. Senate. Today's subject: bringing God on the campaign trail.

Tom "I'm Not a Politician" Leppert himself posted the clip you'll find below, in which he addresses his religion ("My identity is a Christian. My identity is not being mayor or head of a large company or anything else"), insists the Founding Fathers "were evangelicals" (well ...) and acknowledges, "I got talked into running for mayor five years ago." Thank ... goodness.