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Are You "Authentically Weathered, Tough, Rugged"? C'mon, Sure You Are.

Before proceeding further, read this here help-wanted ad:

Cowboy 1 & 2 - Male 40-70 years old. Marlboro Man-type. Should feel authentically weathered, tough, rugged and they are men of very few words. Should feel very real. Not an urban cowboy, but an authentic present-day ranch hand or cowpoke that looks like they've been out working a bit before going to breakfast, hasn't shaved for a day or two. Not a caricature or a stereotype.
Now, if you feel you fit that description (no, not you), giddy-up over this here Web site, where Denny's is casting for an ad scheduled to air during the Super Bowl, hot damn. Because, sure, it shoots in Los Angeles next month, but it'll be cast out of Dallas. Good luck. --Robert Wilonsky