Crossing The Bridge, Sooner Than Later

Last city council committee item of the day, swear. But it's certainly worth a look-see as the Quality of Life Committee this afternoon gets an update on The Bridge. It's very much a case of good news-bad news for the homeless assistance center on Corsicana Street: Almost 500 folks have gotten jobs, and more than 200 have been placed in permanent housing, since it opened in May. And a "group of 20 senior citizens transitioned from being homeless neighbors at The Bridge to housed neighbors at an apartment complex in October 2008," says the briefing.

But Dallas Police also report a jump in individual robberies and aggravated assaults around The Bridge, while "unplanned courtyard sleeping has resulted in diminished resources, higher costs of security [and] caused unmanageable caseloads." The executive summary puts it best: "The Bridge met all goals that we established," but a "major curve ball was when twice as many homeless showed up."