Chuck Norris Just Endorsed Greg Abbott, So the Governor's Race is Over Now, Right?

Remember that time last summer, back when her epic filibuster against sweeping abortion restrictions gripped the nation and roused Texas' long-slumbering Democratic Party, when it seemed like Wendy Davis had a shot of becoming governor?

Well, here's a flying roundhouse kick of reality, courtesy of Chuck Norris:

You're no doubt familiar with "Chuck Norris Facts." For example, did you know that ghosts sit around campfires telling Chuck Norris stories?

Now, I want to introduce you to a Greg Abbott Fact: Greg Abbott is Texas' best hope to fight the out-of-state attacks that aim to turn Texas blue.

That's right. Chuck Norris just endorsed Greg Abbott. That sound you hear is Wendy Davis and a herd of panicked liberals stampeding to Canada.

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