Pedestrian Dies After Two Drivers Leave the Scene of Car Crash

On early Sunday morning, a man crossing Harry Hines Boulevard was stuck by a car, which then crashed into a second car. Both of the drivers took off, leaving the man to die in the road.

The police could find no witnesses to the crash, but put the pieces together after finding the victim and some "debris," which included a car.

Paul Scully, a 51-year-old Euless resident, had tried to cross the street in the 6600 block of Harry Hines Boulevard but "failed to yield right of way to a motor vehicle," according to the police report.

Investigators think that a car in the left lane swerved to avoid Scully but missed, instead striking the left side of his body. The driver also hit a second car in the center lane as he tried swerving away, police say.

The first driver, now named as only Suspect No. 1, was apparently so eager to get out of there that he took off on foot, leaving behind not just Scully, but his own car. (If you saw a random car in the road Sunday morning, that might be why).

The second driver, aka Suspect No. 2, also took off, in his damaged vehicle. Police later traced car parts left in the road to a vehicle that, suspiciously, looked like it had been in an accident. It was parked outside a home on Chattanooga Place. But they didn't make any arrests or tow the vehicle -- not yet, anyway.

Scully was pronounced dead at 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

In a statement, the Dallas Police Department says they still plan to bring charges against at least one of the drivers. "The traffic section is pursuing charges on the responsible party or parties as quickly as we can through the proper legal channels," a Dallas Police spokesmen tells Unfair Park in an email statement. "If and when positive ID is made on those at fault we plan on bringing the proper criminal charges."

According to the pedestrian crash map we made, two pedestrians have been injured and one has been killed on Harry Hines Boulevard in the past two years.