If I Can Just Get Off LBJ Freeway, Without Getting Killed or Caught

LBJ Freeway, which wasn't built in the 1960s with the expectation it would carry nearly 300,000 cars a day, is a mess: It's infrastructure is aging, it's congested most of the time, and it gets a little bit worse every day. That's from the city council Transportation and Environment Committee's own LBJ Freeway Managed Lane Status Report, which makes the case for turning LBJ into a freeway-tollway hybrid, with six so-called "managed toll lanes" being inserted into the middle of the freeway. And by managed toll lanes, they mean: "Lanes where traffic is kept moving at a faster more reliable speed (50+ mph) by adjusting the toll rate up and down as the number of vehicles increase or decrease respectively." I'd pay never to have to get on LBJ again. --Robert Wilonsky