Visual Communicators to Decorate Site of Colleague's Cycling Accident

Paul Jerde's the creative director at MasonBaronet, the marketing firm on Lamar Street, who, back in April, was featured in this How-to about motivating your staff -- with a Creative Jam session (take note, boss). His colleagues at The Dallas Society of Visual Communications adore the guy. So do plenty others, as Jerde and his family have discovered since June 14, when, in the bright daylight, he was riding his bike near White Rock Lake and was hit from behind by a pick-up, near the intersection of Mockingbird Lane and Buckner Boulevard. He suffered a severe head injury and was taken to Baylor Medical Center's intensive care unit.

Family and friends have been updating his progress ever since on this blog, site of the now-famous safe-cycling petition. The site also noted that yesterday, doctors "removed the tube in Paul's head that was measuring his cranial pressure." He still cannot breathe entirely on his own. All of which is offered by way of a heads-up: Tomorrow at 6:30 p.m., there's "A Picnic for Paul," during which folks will be hanging posters -- "VERY CAREFULLY," it's noted -- on the bridge near the accident. --Robert Wilonsky