Dallas, Betty Culbreath Has Had Enough of You. So, She's Out.

Betty Culbreath

Betty Culbreath has served as chair of the City Plan Commission and is currently chair of the Dallas Housing Authority's board of commissioners -- only, the lifelong Dallas resident is fed up and moving away, though she doesn't say where. At least, that's what she wrote on her blog yesterday in an item titled "Dallas, Oh Dallas, How Can I?" (And, before you begin reading it, she does offer this note of caution for folks who tend to give her a hard time about things like, oh, spelling and punctuation: "If You Find Errors in my Blog correct them." But how?)

Among her complaints, which include the Dallas Independent School District board, John Wiley Price, the city council and a failure to honor the late Lynn Flint Shaw: "In Dallas today you can not express your opinion unless you offend someone. People have taken others right to have freedom of speech, if its not what they want to hear." How is it her blog never gets comments, anyway? --Robert Wilonsky