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Do Not Panic: Amsterdam Bar's Just Closing For a Five-Day Remodel

In light of the recent closings in Expo Park -- Bar of Soap and Meridian Room -- Amsterdam Bar's Mike Scheel sends word of his joint's very temporary closing come Sunday:

The Amsterdam Bar is closing for remodeling this Sunday through Thursday. We're going to be doing some major work & need to shut down for a bit to relocate the bathrooms & address some other large structural issues. The last week of the fair is historically a very slow period for us & therefore a good time to do this. I know with all of the closings going on down here folks might misread what we're doing. After the cafe, BOS & Meridian closing I just don't want the speculation we're doing the same. The end result will be nicer bathrooms, and a large increase in seating area before the winter closes down our patio.
Other than that, Scheel says it's all "business as usual." Just better come one week from today. If there is a one week from today. --Robert Wilonsky