From a Church in West Dallas, the "Stepchild of Dallas," One Pastor's Call for Unity

A couple of weeks back, Kim made it out to opening night of the Sojourners-sponsored Justice Revival at Dallas Market Hall, where turn-out was low but hopes were high that local churches, city government and the Dallas Independent School District could somehow come together to both end chronic homelessness and keep at-risk kids in school and out of trouble. The Texas Tribune's Brian Thevenot took note of the event and this week provides a two-parter on Justice Revival: Part One takes one look at Market Hall's empty seats and wonders whether organizers' "enthusiasm" will catch on; Part Two pays a visit to West Dallas's churches and schools, many of which have had to rely on the kindness of North Dallas congregations just to get by in recent years.

The video above accompanies the second piece. It's an interview with Rev. Rayford Butler of the Greater Mt. Hebron Missionary Church, who has some hot sports opinions about what other West Dallas churches need to do to make ours "a complete city."