Earthquake Insurance Is Still Cheap, In Case You're In the Market for that Kind of Thing

Unfair Park has no idea why you might possibly be, but just in case you are, you know, looking to add an earthquake rider to your homeowners insurance or whatever, we thought we'd give State Farm a call.

"There's been a lot of increase in inquiry [about earthquake coverage]," Gary Stephenson, State Farm's North Texas spokesman says. "Our agents, there in the Irving area in particular and in the greater metro area, we've seen quite a significant increase in numbers of calls about [earthquake insurance]."

Depending on the size of one's house and things like the materials used in its construction, Stephenson said, most people should be able to add the coverage for between $40 and $80, a bargain in region that saw between zero and one earthquakes in its pre-2008 recorded history.

State Farm's quake coverage insures your house in case of any damage caused by the earth moving, whether it's caused by human activity (whatever that might be) or an act of Shiva.

While he couldn't make any guarantees, Stephenson said that earthquake coverage, even in areas that are traditional seismic hot spots like Northeast Arkansas, remains relatively cheap.

Unfair Park, ever cautious, plans to ask the Railroad Commission what it should do. Surely the arbiters of Texas environmental safety can offer us something definitive.

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