St. Patrick's Day on Greenville Avenue, By the Numbers: Just How Hammered Were You?

Back in February, when the Greenville Avenue St. Patrick's Day Parade on was still on alleged life support, one of the rising costs cited by cash-strapped organizers was the police presence. A growing parade meant a growing need for cops on the streets, and that meant a parade budget that was nearing six figures, double what it had been just a few years prior.

Well, as we all know, Mark Cuban cleaned out his cup holder and the rest is history -- sloppy, drunken history. Because looking at this year's Dallas Police activity against last, Dallas kept all those cops a wee bit busier in 2012.

Here are the final numbers, with comparisons to the totals reported last year on Unfair Park.

DWI Arrests 2012: 37* 2011: 2

Public Intoxication Arrests 2012: 22 2011: 14

Felony Arrests 2012: 3 2011: None reported by police

Calls to police 2012: 27** 2011: 207

Parking Citations 2012: 215 2011: 339

Cars Towed 2012: 13 2011: 41

Food Trucks Not Up to Code 2012: 2 2011: Food trucks? In Dallas? In March 2011? What do you think this is, Portland?

*Police announced in advance that it would be a no-refusal weekend, but still, this is a mighty big gap. I've reached out to DPD for an explanation.

**This seems unlikely, unless DPD just said fuck it and didn't answer the phone all day. Checking on this, too.