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Federal Judge Dismisses Cyclist's Suit Against City, State Over Dallas's Helmet Laws

Back in June, Patrick told you about Paul Woodfield, the Southwest Airlines dispatcher who's been engaged in a lengthy legal battle with the city over its bike-helmet ordinance -- which Woodfield insists isn't enforceable, since it doesn't jibe with any existing state law. Woodfield, who's been ticketed more than once for riding his bike without a helmet, took his case to federal court in two months ago, filing suit against not only the city, but also Dallas County and the State of Texas.

But this week, U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis granted the state's motions to dismiss ("The Dallas city ordinance in question ... does not specifically task the Attorney General or the state of Texas with upholding Dallas's bike helmet law") and the city's motion to abstain (because "the City is currently prosecuting Plaintiff in Dallas municipal court for violating the Ordinance"). Patrick will follow later with a chat with Woodfield, who's representing himself. Till then, both orders follow.

Court Order 1 in Woodfield v Dallas et al
Order in Woodfield v Dallas 2