County GOP Chair Jonathan Neerman Nearly Refers to VP as "Joe Effing Biden," Then Decides It's "Too Edgy." Ya Think?

As you may have read in this morning's Dallas Morning News, Vice President Joe Biden has plans to drop by the home of lawyer Russell Budd tomorrow night to headline a fund-raiser for the Democrats' U.S. Senate campaign committee. Dallas County Republican Party chair Jonathan Neerman seized on the visit to send an e-mail blast to approximately 6,000 folks, urging them to sign a petition to let Biden "know exactly how we feel about the Democrats' plan to tax our children and grandchildren into mediocrity."

Neerman tells Unfair Park that 350 people have signed the petition, with some names appearing from states as far away as California. The e-mail, which features an unflattering graphic of Biden that Neerman created, originally referred to the vice president as "Joe Effing Biden" (referring to the f-bomb Biden dropped in President Obama's ear while celebrating the passage of health care reform) until Neerman had second thoughts.

"I decided it was too edgy," he says. "I figured the picture was good enough."

Once momentum for the petition slows down, it will either be sent directly to Biden's office in Washington, D.C or delivered through a congressman or senator.

"It's a good way of channeling people's energy because people's interest in the health care debate is probably at its highest point," Neerman says. "We're getting phone calls and e-mails at county headquarters about it, and I think we're going to continue to until the Senate does what it needs to do."

Our first reaction was that perhaps Neerman was baiting folks to protest at Budd's private residence, but Neerman stresses that he in no way endorses such activity.

"Our hope with the petition is that this is the outlet that people will use," he says. "It's one thing to picket at a hotel or an office building or a public square, but we are not organizing or advocating people rallying outside a private home because I don't think that's something the party should be doing."