Thanks for the Support

"Last week, one of our neighbors let the bad guys follow her home." That is what barking dog Avi Adelman had to say about a young victim of a driveway robbery on Velasco last Tuesday night. Go ahead, acknowledge the terrible aspects of the incident; a pistol-whipping and mugging on your front lawn is absolutely terrifying and traumatic. And, sure, offer tips on what to do in a similar situation. That's great. But here's something we must suggest to Avi concerning any and all future crime posts: How 'bout not blaming the victim? It makes you look just a tad unsympathetic, with a slight air of "Oh, I would have behaved far more appropriately even if I was scared out of my noggin, which of course I wouldn't have been because I'm prepared." Oh, we're not doggin' you, Avi. We're just saying maybe you should offer the description of the aggressor before you go off on how you don't approve of the victim's actions under duress. That might be a bit more neighborly. --Merritt Martin