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As First Presbyterian Closes on 508 Park Ave., A Closer Look at Its Plans for Landmark Location

Late last summer we caught wind of First Presbyterian's plans to purchase 508 Park Avenue, the former Brunswick Records regional office near Dallas City Hall in which Robert Johnson, Bob Wills and others once recorded. Yesterday, after myriad stops in front of the Landmark Commission, where the church had to make the case for razing next-door 1900 Young, the church finally closed on the property -- and immediately launched a website detailing its plans for the landmark location and the two other adjacent properties.

The Stewpot's blog sheds further light on what's to come -- including that outdoor amphitheater about which we've written and a recording studio, for starters. Here, let Rev. Dr. Bruce A. Buchanan, executive director of The Stewpot and First Presby associate pastor, explain:

"508 Park has long been a place of pilgrimage for Blues lovers. We understand the great desire to step into the building where Johnson recorded, and we have every goal of not just bringing it up to code, but preserving and restoring historically-significant areas of the building. We hope to create a state-of-the-art recording studio in the area where Robert Johnson was known to have recorded his legendary music those hot June days in 1937. Additionally, plans are under consideration for the first floor of this 3 1/2 floor, 23,000 square foot building to be used for music education, an art gallery, and a Spirit of the Blues empowerment coffee bar."
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