Firefighters Pull Possible Murder Victim From White Rock Lake

Police are investigating whether a woman found dead in White Rock Lake this afternoon was murdered.

Walkers spotted the body on the east side of the lake around Garland Road, a half mile or so south of the Arboretum. The body was recovered by Dallas Fire-Rescue, which turned the investigation over to homicide detectives.

They were joined by the medical examiner, who bent over the body while cyclists dismounted and walked around the police tape, a couple of them ringing bells to clear the way before realizing that they were about to ride through a crime scene.

WFAA's Rebecca Lopez reported that the woman was African American and partially clothed, which appeared from the other side of the police tape to be the case. It also appeared that she had been in the lake for several hours, if not more.

A woman from Forest Hills, who seemed to know half the cyclists and several of the cops, had brought her dog to see what was going on. She wondered idly if the woman might have been a parasailer caught in a surprise gale. It was a shame, she said, but she's lived by the lake for a decade. They pull bodies out of there all the time.