Jody Dean is Satan! If, That Is, You're a Fan of "Jenny's Song."

Jody Dean, whose beard misses him

No doubt, you're very familiar with most of the details contained within Skip Hollandsworth's latest "Letter from Dallas" in the new Texas Monthly, in which he hashes over the plight of Jenny the Elephant. But Skip does serve up one rather hilarious anecdote, courtesy Jody Dean and "Jenny's Song":

Jody Dean, a popular Dallas disc jockey for KLUV radio, played the song on the air and then made the fatal mistake of making fun of it, calling it “Butterfly Kisses” for a pachyderm. “I have to tell you,” he informed his listeners, “if Jenny is forced to listen to this song too many times, I think she might commit suicide.”

The station’s phone lines immediately lit up, with people referring to him as Satan, among other things. “I had female callers telling me they couldn’t put on their makeup because they were crying so hard over the beauty of the song,” Dean said. “One woman said she was crying so much she had to pull her car over on the side of the road so she wouldn’t have a wreck. I thought, ‘Uh-oh, we’ve got a bona fide elephant revolution on our hands.’”

Elephant Revolution -- band name! --Robert Wilonsky