Tomorrow, One of Dallas's "Meanest Criminals" Is Set to Die

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Leon David Dorsey IV

Leon David Dorsey IV will likely be executed tomorrow for shooting to death on April 4, 1994, two East Dallas Blockbuster clerks for $392 in the cash register -- a crime to which he admitted four years later, while serving 60 years for another 1994 slaying. The Associated Press today details Dorsey's violent past, including the 1994 slaying of a Korean convenience store owner in Ennis. Former Dallas County prosecutor Toby Shook, now a criminal defense attorney at Fitzpatrick Hagood Smith & Uhl, tells the AP that the man known as "Pistol Pete" was a bad, bad man: "I did 21 death penalty cases either as the lead or on a team. Upon reflection, Leon Dorsey is probably No. 1 as the meanest criminal I prosecuted." Dorsey has written his own essay about Death Row available here, where he cautions: "Enter the mind of a man, murderer, living just to die!" --Robert Wilonsky