Tom Hicks to Sell Liverpool FC. Or, Tom Hicks to Keep Liverpool FC.

Been a while since we've heard about Tom Hicks's adventures in Liverpool -- where he's headed this week, matter of fact, in advance of Liverpool FC's weekend's shoot-out with Chelsea. And depending upon which UK paper you read, the owner of Your Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars is either looking to sell, most likely to a Middle Eastern interest ...

Hicks and co-owner George Gillett have to sell up by the summer. It is about the only thing they agree upon. They borrowed the money to buy the club and the loans are due to be repaid in July. So, just as before the Americans moseyed on down to Anfield two years ago, a proud old club is being touted for sale around the planet.
... or holding on to The Reds no matter what.
Reports in Texas suggest that Hicks has reaffirmed his desire to remain involved with Liverpool, telling friends in Dallas they "shouldn't believe what they read" about his desire to sell up and that he was instead seeking investors who could buy out [co-owner George] Gillett.
In semi-related news, Paul Lukas of calls the Rangers' new batting helmets "a truly magnificent stroke of idiocy."