What Texas Delegation?

Two notes this a.m. concerning the Texas delegation's afterthought treatment at the Democratic National Convention. First, from KERA-FM (90.1) via Capital News Connection, this report in which Dallas City Plan Commissioner and Cesar Chavez Tollway fan Neil Emmons explains why the Texans are stuck 45 minutes away from the convention center: "Let's face it, they put the Texas delegation in Aurora as penance for delivering Bush. You know, the sins of our brothers and sisters back home."

Also, from KLIF-AM (570) and show host Jeff Bolton comes this early-morning interview with Dallas South's Shawn Williams, who describes the rift between Clinton and Obama supporters within the Texas delegation. Also, notes Bolton, the Texans are stuck in the convention center's "nosebleed" section, where, I've always found, it's much easier to sneak brought-in booze.

And while we're on the subject of ... um ... something, here's the American Issues Project's legal response to the Obama campaign's letter to the Justice Department concerning the Harold Simmons-funded ad linking the Democratic presidential nominee with the Weather Underground's Bill Ayers. Got all that? --Robert Wilonsky