Ann Margolin Has a Survey For You

Dallas City Council candidate Ann Margolin, who's already raised something like $328 trillion as she looks to replace Mitchell Rasansky as George W. Bush's council member, has created the niftiest little game: "Rank the Top Five Issues Facing Dallas." Problem is, she's already chosen the issues for you: traffic, crime, street and alley maintenance, code enforcement and "building Dallas' tax base." Aw, c'mon, that's no fun. Alas, she writes in a virtual missive sent to her would-be constituency, this list was assembled after she "attended many neighborhood events and visited with many people" in December, so these are the people's issues. Or ... are they?

Update: Some Friends, not all, have said that when they click through to the survey, they get a "Survey Already Taken Page." Then again, you've got the Top Five issues above -- and already found them lacking, eh, Rangers fans?